History and Aims

The friends of Emsworth Community Health were the Friends of the Hospital until it closed in 2012. It is a registered Charity and it has received legacies which has provided funds which are managed so that the returns can be used to further its charitable purposes.

These are to improve health and health care in the wider Emsworth community by providing funds for equipment and amenities which cannot normally be obtained from other sources.

Who we support

1. Charities or other organisations that provide health or care services in Emsworth, or are accessible to, and used by people in and around Emsworth.

2. Charities or other organisations whose aim is to promote health and wellbeing for the people of Emsworth.

What we support

The purpose of our grants is to fund projects, new developments, or equipment that enable the recipient to make a demonstrable difference to their services, and to enhance health or wellbeing.

What we do not support

1. Individuals 

2. Proposals that should be funded by statutory bodies

3. Contributions to general funds

4. Proposals that require an ongoing commitment for funding

How we give grants

1. We advertise the availability of grants and the requirements for them at the beginning of the calendar year.

2. Bodies that express an interest will be asked to complete an application form to be returned by 1st March.

3. The applications will be reviewed by our grants committee, further clarification may be requested, and recommendations will be made to the Trustees who will make the final decision by the end of April. They will take into account the merits of the application, how it furthers our aims, and the availability of funds.

4. All successful applicants will be asked at the end of the year for a report on how the grant money was used and on the impact of the project.

5. Repeat applications will be considered, but only after this report.


We are normally able to give grants totaling £25-30,000 per annum. In exceptional circumstances we would consider larger applications to be met from our reserves.

This would be for a major project eg a building, that would permanently enhance the health services or health of the people of Emsworth.

How to apply

Please download and complete the form to apply for a grant